Diaz vs Woodley Rumored for UFC 219

Last night rumor came out that both Woodley and Diaz had entered fight camp. Journalists, fans, and fighters began to speculate that Woodley and Diaz were training for each other. The rumor has it that Woodley and Diaz are set to face off at the end of the year at UFC 219 in Las Vegas. With the UFC without a main event at UFC 219, this fight could live up to the billing of a main event. Diaz is a huge name in the MMA world especially after his two contests with lightweight champion Conor McGregor. Woodley did an interview with FloCombat saying how he may be announcing a fight soon, but it was not one of the obvious contenders.


The question that is up for debate, is Diaz worthy of a title shot at 170?  I guess it depends on what lens you look at being worthy of a title shot. If you are purely looking at wins and losses at 170 pounds there is no way you can say Diaz is a viable contender. If you are looking at drawing power and if it can hold the billing for a PPV main event then Diaz is definitely worthy. If you look at the 170-pound division at the moment there is no true #1 contender at the moment. In Woodley’s defense for taking this fight, he is one of the few champions who has continuously defended his belt against the rightful #1 contender. He defended his belt twice against the hardest style matchup for anyone in the division in Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and solved the puzzle that no one could figure out in Demain Maia. So for Woodley to take a “money fight” it is not that outlandish. Overall I think this is a win for the UFC, the two fighters involved, and the fans who want to see Diaz back in the octagon. The real only losers are the top contenders like Robbie Lawler, Rafael Dos Anjos, Stephen Thompson, and Colby Covington.