The “Money Fights” Everyone Wants

These days of the UFC are much different than any other time in the company’s short history. A lot of people can take credit for the change in time including the new ownership in WME. Ultimately, the new age of MMA has become the “money fights” or “super fights”. A couple factors such as Conor McGregor making massive money, for MMA standards, with this method has led to fighters following his footsteps as well as, WME just purchasing the UFC for 4.2 billion dollars and they need to find a way to make sure they get a return on their investment. These are some super fights we could possibly see in the future.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

Conor Nate fight 2

Before everyone starts flipping out, I know and I agree. Tony Ferguson should be and I believe will be the next fight for Conor McGregor. It is time for Conor to fight the true #1 contender and I believe Conor knows that. There has not been another MMA fighter who has always known the proper step to take next in their career like Conor. With that being said, the Conor vs Nate fight will never go away. That trilogy fight will always be there and always will be a huge sell. Now if Conor is to face Tony Ferguson next, win or lose he can fight Nate after for a huge “money fight”. If Conor skips the Ferguson fight to fight Nate and happens to lose the Tony Ferguson fight will not be there anymore and neither will the belt. Quite frankly, Nate Diaz vs Tony Ferguson would be an awesome fight, but just is not going to do the same Pay per view buys that a Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson fight would do. In conclusion, I think it is smartest for all parties involved (Conor and UFC) to do the Tony Ferguson fight first to restore order in the lightweight division, which could still probably do 1.5 million pay per view buys and then do the Nate Diaz trilogy “money fight” that could eclipse the two million mark.

Demetrious Johnson vs Bantamweight Champ

DJ wit Dana

After Demetrious Johnson’s record-breaking title defense, I think everyone wants to see how he would match up with the best Bantamweights in the world. What is an interesting caveat to this is that both of these guys have openly said they would drop down to 125 pounds to fight Demetrious. Whether this future fight with one of these two guys happens at 125, 135 or even a catchweight fight of 135 pounds it is a fight everyone would be intrigued about. Will it happen, I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. After the fight, Demetrious had mentioned how he thought the winner between Henry Cejudo and Sergio Pettis would be the rightful next contender. There were rumors that came out via the San Francisco Chronicle that Cejudo had suffered a broken ankle escaping the California wildfires, but’s Ariel Helwani reported that Cejudo just suffered burns and should be able to compete come UFC 218 in Detroit. Depending on how things play out, I believe that Demetrious will fight the winner of this fight, while the winner of Cody Garbrandt/ TJ Dillashaw may do another title defense against the Dominick Cruz/Jimmie Rivera winner, but after each division gets sorted out I feel the UFC will push for the super fight between Demetrious Johnson and whoever is the Bantamweight champion.

Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier


Right now with the possible long-term drug suspension looming for Jon Jones who was going to make the move to heavyweight, I would love to see Cormier move up to heavyweight and make this fight! At light heavyweight Cormier has nothing else left to prove. Sure, he could face a rising Volkan Oezdemir, but what does that do for his legacy. For Cormier to cement himself as one of the best clean fighters this sport has ever seen a win over Stipe would be exactly what the doctor ordered. Cormier is no stranger to the heavyweight division and tends to walk around at about 230 pounds if not heavier. Come fight nice Stipe Miocic usually weighs about 240-245 pounds. In Cormier’s career, he has won multiple fights in heavyweight division over top level competition such as Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, and Josh Barnett.

Stipe KO

For Miocic, this may be the name he needs on his resume as heavyweight champ to launch him into the general public’s eyes. Miocic has now already beaten Fabricio Werdum, Allistair Overeem, and Junior Dos Santos, which are all the top contenders in the heavyweight division. The only people that he already has not beaten would be Francis Ngannou if he is able to get by Overeem, and Cain Velasquez if Cain is able to get healthy. With Cain being teammates with Cormier I think that is the only possible roadblock in making this fight. If Cain continues to stay sidelined though there a real possibility of Stipe and Cormier squaring off. In my opinion, this fight makes a lot of sense from both camps.

Whether as a fan you like it or not, “money fights” or super fights are the new way of matchmaking in the UFC. I think all three of these fights are legit fights that not only the general public will be interested in, but also the die-hard fans of the UFC. Will they happen, who knows, but they do all make some sense and I could realistically see them all being made in the future.


Aftermath of UFC 216

As fight fans almost immediately after an event we wonder what is next for everyone involved in last nights contests. Due to obvious variables in the fight game, it is often unpredictable on where each fighter will go next in their career. Here we will take a look at the notable names and who they will fight next!

Fabricio Werdum


Fabricio Werdum is in a tough spot in the heavyweight division. The #2 ranked heavyweight was scheduled to fight Derrick Lewis, but Lewis was forced to pull out due to continued back issues. Walt Harris stepped up to the plate to take on Werdum and Werdum was able to secure a takedown early in the first round and ended up securing the submission to end it in round one. After the fight, Werdum called for a rematch with heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. I have to say I personally do not think this is a fight he will get because Francis Ngannou is facing Alistair Overeem come UFC 218 in Detroit. With Overeem holding a very recent win over Werdum I believe the UFC is waiting to see what happens in Detroit and the winner of that fight will get the next crack at UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic. Looking at the rankings there is really not too many fights for Werdum, which leads me to believe he will end up taking on up and coming heavyweight Alexander Volkov.

Prediction: Fabricio Werdum vs Alexander Volkov

Ray Borg


The “Tazmexican Devil” put up a valiant effort against arguably the pound for pound best to ever fight Demetrious Johnson. Ultimately, Borg lost via an incredible submission from Demetrious in the fifth round. Looking at the landscape of the flyweight division currently the fighters one above (Henry Cejudo) and one below (Sergio Pettis) Borg in the rankings are scheduled to fight each other. With Joseph Benavidez, who is currently ranked #1 contender in the Flyweight division, being sidelined by injury, I expect Borg to take on Wilson Reis next.

Prediction: Ray Borg vs Wilson Reis

Demetrious Johnson


First things first hats off to Demetrious who accomplished something we will most likely never see again in the UFC. Regardless of the flyweight division being considered one of the thinner weight classes in the UFC, his 11 straight title defenses are truly remarkable. Many people, me included would love to see Demetrious go up and contend for the Bantamweight Title after Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw’s showdown in Madison Square Garden. Ultimately, I believe that Demetrious will continue to build on the record that he has already set in the flyweight division and take on the winner of Henry Cejudo vs Sergio Pettis.

Prediction: Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo/Sergio Pettis winner

Kevin Lee

kevin lee

Despite the loss, I personally thought that the first round against Tony Ferguson showed the true talent this young man has. At only 25 years of age, you can see that plenty of growth is there for Kevin Lee. After the fight, Lee had mentioned how the weight cut had taken a lot out of him in addition to a staph infection that he had been dealing for this fight week. Lee had hinted at possibly making the move up to welterweight but was really pushing for the UFC to adopt the 165-pound weight class and to move welterweight to 175 pounds. This was something that was put in the California State Athletic Commissions ten-point plan back in May, but UFC president Dana White has been reluctant to the idea of adopting the new weight class. Despite all this, I think after taking some much needed time off as Lee has fought four times in the last 11 months I believe Lee will return to the lightweight division. With Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje currently being booked for December, Nate Diaz holding out until he gets his trilogy fight with Conor McGregor, and the unknown status of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s health, I feel Lee will fight #4 ranked Edson Barboza come spring of 2018.

Prediction: Kevin Lee vs Edson Barboza

Tony Ferguson


Last but definitely not least, is the new Interim Lightweight champ, Tony Ferguson. Ferguson now on a 10 fight win streak after his victory over Kevin Lee is now next in line to challenge for the Lightweight title against Conor McGregor. I know there is the threat that McGregor could always look for the “money fight” with a Nate Diaz trilogy, but I feel Conor is finally feeling the heat to, in the words of Ferguson, “defend or vacate”.  Throughout Conor’s career, he has always seemed to give the fans the fight that they wanted next. After UFC 216, I believe the fans are really starting to sway towards wanting him and Tony Ferguson to scrap next. Also, I do not think the want for a trilogy with Diaz goes away even with a loss against Ferguson. Knowing the amazing lead up to the last two fights between Diaz and McGregor, the third fight between them could happen at any time and still do great business. No one in the lightweight division is more deserving of, in Conor’s words “red panty night” more than Ferguson. Ferguson is on a four-year climb through the lightweight division in which he has gone through some of the best the division has to offer. Tony Ferguson vs Conor McGregor to unify the belts has to happen and I believe it will.

Prediction: Tony Ferguson vs Conor McGregor